About CSS

Beijing Century Sage Scientific System Technology Co., Ltd., a member of CSS Group, is one of the most competitive TV & communication product suppliers and system integrators in China. As a Chinese leading one-stop omnimedia application solution provider, the company is committed to providing users with latest technologies, designs, and applications. Since its foundation in 2007, great accomplishments and wide business coverage have been achieved, including the fields of general broadcast control, outside broadcast vehicle, studio, display system, communication system, etc. So far the company has grown into a system integrator highly recognized by major broadcast & TV organizations in domestic market.

 Company Business

Provision of production, broadcast, and transmission application solutions

As an application solution supplier, we design and develop omnimedia application solutions for our customers, helping them produce, broadcast, and transmit omnimedia contents. In view of customer requirements concerning high level of complexity, reliability, and uniqueness, we often offer complete customized solutions, including system engineering & design, provision of system software and hardware, system integration, and after services for customers (mostly TV stations) to assist with their broadcasting tasks.


System operation & maintenance services

Our typical system operation & maintenance services include technical support, regular on-site system test, equipment repair, reset, and maintenance, and software upgrading. We are committed to providing customers with top quality services. Our service personnel are available 24 hours a day to respond to any technical inquiry from customers, and our technical teams provide customers with technical training programs and technical manuals to meet their needs for proper system operation and maintenance.

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