Convergent Media Cloud Service Application

I. Cloud platform overview 

CSS convergent media cloud platform is designed to suit the needs for developing specialized broadcast and TV business. New technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet have been used to integrate new media business modes, thus achieving streamlines business applications covering content convergence, production, management, broadcast control, and distribution.

Construction of a convergent media cloud platform can accelerate merging between traditional and emerging media, allowing conglomeration, sharing, and central management of content resources from different channels as much as possible. In addition to the roles of promoting ideological publicity, gaining a better position to transmit information, and supporting mainstream public opinions, such platform will lead to multi-dimensional innovations of broadcast & TV and other traditional media organizations in terms of content, management, communication, service, and operation, and help achieve value-added applications of convergent media contents. It is the only way from traditional media operators to convergent media operators.


II. Cloud platform general design

The convergent media cloud platform combines a lot of functions, including multi-channel and multi-form content acquisition, content editing & processing, content media resource management, content integration and broadcast control, multi-screen content arrangement and publication, multi-mode application delivery, content transmission & distribution, and multi-terminal application. By providing complete convergent media stream application management, it comprehensively addresses application needs of TV station, radio station, newspaper group, Internet video operators, and other organizations possessing massive digital resource contents. A number of services related to video & audio content convergence management and content resource mining applications are included in this solution.

The convergent media cloud platform is fully based on the concept of cloud service. A hierarchical service system is adopted. The infrastructure service layer can be connected to platforms of different public cloud and private cloud service providers. Access to various media capabilities and tools is provided on the service layer of the platform. Various application services required by broadcast & TV media are provided on the application layer.


III. Multi-cloud mixed deployment application

The convergent media cloud platform provides a globally configured cloud architecture and relevant cloud services. Depending on different application links, public cloud, private cloud, or proprietary cloud can be selected. During construction of a practical application system, the media organization (broadcast & TV station, newspaper, press, etc.) may adopt a distributed construction strategy by deploying different applications on private or public cloud. The system can continue to be expanded according to project budget and business growth. The final target would be achieving co-existence of multiple clouds to fully support convergent media business.


IV. Cloud platform business construction

The value of convergent media cloud platform lies in complete solutions provided for convergent media business. These solutions help realize rapid construction and flexible adaptation of such business, and assist different media organizations to complete transformation of convergent media business and applications.

4.1 New media techniques are used to support traditional media for upgrading internal business and applications

1) Construction of internal virtual cloud applications is supported to improve acquisition & production efficiency of contents or programs.

? Build a new media business platform to enable acquisition, production, processing, and sharing;

? Provide content services and a distribution platform for convergent media applications targeted at multiple broadcast systems, communication channels, and user terminals;

? Support fully IP-based business transformation of TV stations (radio stations);

2) Main private virtual applications include:

? IP stream video rapid editing and splitting;

? Cluster-based video encoding and transcoding, picture editing and processing;

? Cloud content cataloguing

4.2 Contents are converged to support construction of various new media business applications by traditional media


4.3 Creation of new media cloud applications based on the same platform by multiple cooperative organizations are supported

The platform builder can cooperate with various video and audio content providers (such as local TV station and radio station) and help them build respective distinctive online TV stations. After completing registration and authentication at the service platform, the content cooperation organizations can upload, manage, and publish contents, and get access to all application management functions of the platform owner.

4.4 Realization of convergent media business innovations

Convergent media cloud platform supports various innovative convergent media business operation modes by providing convergence channels for different content applications such as mobile content platform and Internet community platform as well as a number of broadcast channels and interaction means for mobile phone, PC, and TV. It reflects innovations and expansions that occur during transformation from traditional media to convergent media business, and represents a “new video and audio” application exploration during in-depth merging of traditional and emerging media.


4.5 Exploration and construction of new revenue-generation modes for convergent media network advertisement or content copyright transaction

With the convergent media cloud platform, it is possible to establish an alliance with cooperative or affiliate organizations for convergent media content publication or content copyright transactions. Multi-terminal media resource management platforms with distributed communication can be built. The big data platforms, once completed, will enable accurate analysis of user behaviors, allowing coordinated information broadcasting, advertisement delivery, and content copyright transaction across different platforms, terminals, and regions. The revenue sharing will be based on visits made by users from different platforms or content traffic. New revenue-generating patterns for network advertisement or content copyright transaction for the age of convergent media will be explored.

4.6 Value-added service based on centrally convergent media content resources

Different media organizations may integrate distinctive content resources on the convergent media cloud platform, and build profit-making “new video and audio” platforms or online education platforms based on such distinctive content resources and professional service teams. Backed by cloud services, mobile and broadband network connections, big data analysis function, and smart terminals, a mixed communication paradigm will be realized to provide value-added services for the distinctive content resources.

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