Convergent Media News Acquisition and Editing Commanding & Scheduling Platform

The convergent media content acquisition and editing commanding & scheduling platform supports WSWG functions, being able to respond to various events in a live broadcast site conveniently and efficiently. Coordinated acquisition, editing, and publication management procedures can be established to fully support multi-channel content acquisition and editing commanding. All contents may be packed and visualized, including various types of acquisition, editing, and publication information and data.

With the acquisition and editing commanding & scheduling platform, reporters can transmit positioning signals to a monitoring and scheduling center via the GPS module and communication network on their mobile phone terminals. The monitoring and scheduling center will then calculate position data with DGPS technique and display the position signals in cartographic language through GIS. This will finally enable the service center to provide relevant functions for reporters such as positioning and navigation, service rescue, remote monitoring, and track recording. Wireless network techniques such as 3G and 4G are used to realize information and image transmission. Images from mobile phone cameras will be transmitted to the monitoring center via 3G and 4G network, thus helping reporters perform remote monitoring and interview scheduling.


The acquisition and editing commanding & scheduling platform adopts the advanced and mature display technique, 3D real-time rendering and interaction technique, and manuscript data analysis visualization technique to provide comprehensive data support to the screens in the scheduling center. Content acquisition and editing and application management for multiple types of new media service are supported, including IPTV, website, mobile phone APP, and WeChat public account. Various new media application and user data may be gathered and analyzed. Big data analysis is also possible for product operation, implementation of major events, and special public opinion events. Targeted application optimization recommendations will be given based on such analysis.


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