Convergent Media Voiceprint and Watermark Technical Application

The convergent media voiceprint and watermark technology support the use of WeChat shaking for TV program, API audio print technology, and audio voiceprint and watermark technology developed by Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Application scenarios:

Original platform activities: These include all interactive activities provided directly by the system, such as various voting, sign-up, lottery, and red envelope distribution activities.

Externally linked activities: A link to the server of an advertisement operator or purchase website of a mall may be established. For externally linked activities, certain time-setting information can be set in a concealed way on the link interface.

Third party H5 activity: H5 activity interface designed by an advertisement operator may be imported into the platform for external publication.

APP original activities: All activity interfaces are developed and managed by APP.



Interactive point production:

The interactive points will be shown intuitively with timeline. Different application points can be deployed for different application terminals. Diversified activities can be carried out, and other functions include H5, template-based operation, convenient expansion, and dynamic adjustment of interaction points with the advertisement and program.


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