Convergent Media Content Acquisition and Convergence Platform

Internet content acquisition and convergence: Visualized acquisition is adopted. With the graphic flows and screens, a user can complete cloud acquisition of relevant information like news, forum, post bar, blog, microblog, WeChat, and weather by simply clicking or dragging the mouse.


Multi-form content acquisition and convergence: Multiple forms of content can be acquired and recorded including videos, audios, pictures, texts, and rich media. The audio and video contents include acquired and encoded signals from satellite TV, cable TV, digital TV, and camera as well as acquired and recorded signals from video streams like ASI, mms, and TS.

Cross-region and cross-industry resource acquisition and convergence: Resource integration (TV station, radio station, newspaper, and other media resources) among different departments, channels, columns, and regions within an organization is supported. Integration of advantageous resources from different industries is also possible.

Multi-channel content acquisition and convergence: Acquisition and editing of video and audio program contents for traditional newspaper, TV station, and radio station are supported. Convergence of contents from different partners or content providers (CP) are also possible. Other compatible functions include uploading of Internet user generated content (UGC) and 3G/4G content acquisition live broadcast and return.

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