Convergent Media Interactive Studio Application

Interactive studio: The omnimedia content convergence platform gathers contents from Internet (including specialized website, microblog, WeChat, weather, traffic condition, and community information) and hot lines, and delivers them to the live broadcasting room, where the broadcast director and executive editor can complete content screening, entry, and pushing through the platform. The general platform allows the hosts to communicate directly and interactively with users of microblog, WeChat, client, and hot line during live broadcasting. Chatting and instant lottery in the live broadcast room and the directing room are also possible. The live broadcast site can be perfectly preserved for further use.


Host community / We-Media platform application: Different communities and columns are managed through a self-management system. Famous reporters and hosts are welcomed to open original columns and communities on the new media platform to develop popular public accounts. The hosts, broadcast directors, and executive editors for different columns may publish various activities in their respective communities (such as sign-up, voting, lottery, donation, and shopping) and hold live shows of interactive posts. The hosts can communicate with Internet users by means of private letters and community interaction. Hosts have the right to perform back stage management to maintain their own programs, including program uploading, editing, and online/offline control. Data related to community popularity, interaction level, number of activity participants, program sharing, downloading, and audience rating can be viewed in real time. Special platforms are built for interactions between hosts and audience. Users with different preferences will be attracted to different platforms, thus creating distinctive community atmospheres, which will inspire a sense of honor and affiliation among the audience and improve their loyalty to the corresponding programs and hosts.

Station-wide joint broadcasting / interactive live broadcasting: Joint interactive live broadcasting by different channels, columns, and reporters is encouraged. In addition to video and audio broadcasting, synchronized live broadcasting of images, texts, audios, and videos, content sharing, rewarding, and live commenting are all supported. These features help build diversified application patterns for live broadcast news / interactive news / news hearing.


Multi-terminal distinctive applications: Mobile news products and user ecological systems of various forms and styles are available. A user scoring system may be used to encourage better user participation in interactive activities. The users may earn points by watching programs, performing interactions, and taking part in activities. They can reward the hosts, or even exchange reward or points for gifts. Traditional broadcast & TV programs will be used to attract audience, and user loyalty will be enhanced through interactions. Post-market operations such as sales and user campaigns will be used to convert audience into actual consumers and tap their consumption potential.


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