4G Portable News Live Broadcasting Solution

Timeliness is the life line of news coverage. In the media age with intense competitions, obtaining first hand news is a necessary way for different media organizations to improve their competitive ability. 3G/4G networks, due to their wide coverage, large bandwidth, and high mobility, are perceived as a brand new technical means for news live broadcasting. Considering the requirements for timely, flexible, and low-cost news acquisition and in view of the maturing 3G/4G network transmission technologies, Cogent introduced a 3G/4G portable news live broadcasting solution, which has been widely used by many domestic and foreign customers including TV stations / online TV stations / news websites in occasions such as live broadcasting for high-speed train opening ceremony, Shenzhen landslide reporting, and movie press release.

The Cogent portable 3G/4G news live broadcasting system adopted by this solution consists of front portable transmission end T-340 or T30, rear transmission server, NMS platform, decoder, and other products, allowing high-speed live broadcasting or return of top quality news in any place at any time. It features low cost, very high flexibility, ease of use, easy network configuration, high interference immunity, and high reliability. Besides, the system does not need support from expensive news live broadcast vehicles. The process of news gathering and live broadcasting process (or returning the news to the TV station) can be accomplished by one photographer and one reporter. This enables reporting of news within the shortest time possible.

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