Mobile 3G/4G HD Video Monitoring System Solution

The large bandwidth and high level of mobility of 3G/4G wireless network technology will undoubtedly promote in-depth merging between security industry and wireless mobile communication, during which the security industry will transition from analog and SD digital techniques and wired grids to HD wireless video transmission techniques. To address security, anti-terrorism, and emergency handling needs in the new era, and to improve communication capabilities in emergency and natural disaster sites, Cogent has proposed a mobile 3G/4G HD video monitoring system solution. Based on such solution, an emergency communication team backed by advanced 3G/4G network technologies can be established to ensure timely provision of emergent communication in any place covered by 3G/4G networks.

In this solution, the HD videos captured on the site will be uploaded to the mobile video platform in the corresponding municipal public security bureau in real time, and then be distributed to subordinate public security stations in different districts or counties for monitoring. The system diagram of the solution is given below:


The transmission product for individual soldiers (T-30) and product on public service vehicles (T-510) from Cogent return real-time pictures from the site to the MVP server and MVP platform in a public security bureau for receiving, monitoring, and distribution, thus allowing real-time monitoring of remote pictures. The powerful mobile video platform guarantees central management, scheduling, and coordination of operational missions.

This solution provides the following features:

HD broadcast level pictures: State-of-the-art hardware video encoding schemes are adopted to provide best pictures of broadcasting quality while ensuring high-quality video transmission even at a low bandwidth.

Stable and reliable transmission: Bundled transmission technique combining multiple networks, operators, and links is used, which leads to both wider total bandwidth and significantly improved bandwidth stability and dynamic adaptability.

High level of safety: All transmission devices used in the solution are equipped with encryption function. The whole transmission is subject to encryption to prevent any leakage of data due to interception and to protect safe communication.

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