MESH Microwave Acquisition System for Multiple Services

The MIMO-Mesh wireless ad hoc network features a combination of COFDM, MIMO, and MANET technologies. An ad hoc self-healing wireless communication network can be formed by a number of nodes, allowing multi-directional transmission of data, video, and audio signals between multiple points in the network.

The system provides real mobile ad hoc network and mobile NLOS transmission. Other features include free selection between narrow and wide band, fast network access, user-definable security system, user-selectable frequency, up to 96Mbps transmission rate, and advanced MANET technique. Transmission routes are created intelligently with Cogent network algorithms.

The MESH microwave acquisition system for multiple services provides the following features:

Self-healing and ad hoc network

- Currently support up to 50 nodes

- Will support deployment of 100 nodes in the future

Network adaptation and automatic routing;

- Automatic selection of optimum transmission configuration

- Automatic selection of optimum routing

- Automatic route switching depending on link conditions

Distributed management mechanism

- An administrator can log in at any node

- No single collapse point

Higher network transmission capacity

- 96Mbps UDP

- 96Mbps UDP

Low delay (each step, adjustable between 2ms and 100ms)

MIMO Mesh allows video and data transmission in harsh environment, including the following applications:

● In densely populated urban areas where a lot of cluttered signals may be reflects (multiple paths);

● Non-line of sight transmission, in which obstacle penetration and bypassing of such obstacles via reflected signal path are involved;

● High level of mobility of mobile carriers (automotive and platform);

● Harsh transmission environment with unknown disturbances;


System advantages:

● No reliance on public infrastructure such as 3G/4G LTE;

● Optional frequencies;

● Not restricted by quality of operator networks and channels;

● The ability to get adapted to changing environment, including line of sight (LOS) transmission and extreme non-line of sight (NLOS) transmission;

● High level of mobility of the moving vehicle and platform;

● Strong immunity to disturbances and high adaptability in unknown transmission environment

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