New Generation of Standard Non-Compressed IP System

By cooperating with world leading broadcast & TV equipment and switch manufacturers, CSS Group builds a full-process non-compressed IP signal scheduling / processing system for customers, which covers all subsystem functions such as traditional general control, broadcasting, monitoring, technical monitoring, synchronization, and clock.

Close cooperation with top manufacturers enables CSS Group to follow latest conditions of AIMS organizations and development trends of world top technologies to ensure standard and advanced nature of its systems. All system designs are based on IP standards such as SMPTE2110, SMPTE2022-6/7, and SMPTE2059.


CSS is currently capable of integration of complete standard non-compressed IP systems, especially open, standard, and non-compressed IP-based broadcast & TV systems with data-oriented architectures. CSS systems built around Imagine equipment have been successfully deployed in many domestic and foreign top level TV stations, including CCTV 4K&IP broadcast vehicle, UK headquarters of Sky, Brazil-based Grupo Globo, and USA-based Disney ABC TV Station.

The COST switch structure adopted by these systems greatly contributes to their flexibility. Many product models designated by main switch manufacturers have been tested by them and deployed in actual applications. The technical dividends of different switch manufacturers can be fully shared, including advanced technologies such as CISCO leaf-spine structure and DCNM management. The stability and bottom-level management mechanism of world leading switch products also help guarantee system safety.

By maintaining close cooperation with best software manufacturers in China, CSS Group is capable of providing users with customized high-level control software with complete functions. IP systems can be combined with existing business flows in different stations to achieve comprehensive control, management, and monitoring. The great technical strength of CSS and cooperative manufacturers will help users come through the baseband / IP system transition period safely and smoothly.

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