General Broadcast Control System

Since its inception, CSS Group has undertaken a number of top grade general broadcast control system construction projects throughout the nation, including those for leading domestic TV stations such as general control system / broadcast switching system / server system for the new site of CCTV, synchronous SD and HD systems of CCTV and BTV, general broadcast control system of Guangzhou TV Station, general broadcast control system of Shenzhen Media Group, and general broadcast control system of Shandong TV Station.


With a focus on general control and broadcasting systems, these projects also cover signal transmission, storage & recording, station-wide synchronization, station-wide clock system, monitoring, station intercom, and general cabling. One-stop integrated general broadcast control system solutions have been provided.


By cooperating with world leading suppliers for years, CSS Group has gained rich experience in implementing general broadcast control systems. CSS also follows the latest technical trends in this field across the globe to provide users with diversified and customized general broadcast control system solutions. In additional to general broadcast control system architectures, CSS Group is now fully capable of integration of standard non-compressed 4K&IP general broadcast control systems.

Backed by rich project implementation experience and long-term and favorable relation with many domestic and foreign leading brands, CSS now makes available a great variety of reliable product models. Most suitable solutions can be recommended to users depending on their actual needs.

For a general broadcast control system, safety and reliability are always the top priority. With proven expertise, CSS is well prepared to address various technical challenges. A lot of factors contribute to our comprehensive and powerful user service system, including our strengths in system modification projects without interference to normal system operation, complete troubleshooting mechanism, advanced construction and cabling capability, strong after-services, and adequate spare part stock.

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