Production System

Studio system

Studio systems are among the most competitive products of CSS. Based on the experiences in many studio integration projects for CCTV and provincial and municipal TV stations, we have concluded the current development trends of studios, i.e. multiple shooting methods, standard production procedures, and larger production teams. In responding to such trends, we’ve designed a variety of studio schemes, including both standard and custom solutions for customers. All systems are designed around customer needs to ensure the highest level of efficiency, safety, and reliability.


Box type broadcast system

The share of box type broadcast systems is not high in broadcast & TV market, but CSS has gained high market penetration in box type broadcast system market. The 8-channel EFP system integrated by CSS for CCTV was used during the torque relay event at Mount Everest for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Its reliable operations and strong environment adaptability contributed to the success of the event at the top of the world. Later on, the system was also used in broadcasting tasks for East Asia Games in 2013, NPC & CPPCC conferences in 2014, and 18th CPC National Congress in 2012. Many box type EFP systems of CCTV were delivered through cooperation with CSS, including the first 3D box type EFP and mobile host broadcasting system in China.


Broadcast vehicle system

As the broadcasting & TV industry evolves rapidly, TV live broadcast vehicles have become necessary equipment for all large, medium, and small TV stations. A TV broadcast vehicle, highly mobile in nature, combines the functions of program collection, production, and transmission. The quality of broadcast vehicles is a typical indicator of the general technical level of a TV station.


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