Optimization for the Distribution and Publication of Internet Video

Ⅰ. Ericsson Media First omnimedia signal processing solution


The core of Ericsson Media First is Ericsson Media First TV platform, which is used to create, manage, and provide next generation paid TV software and optimized media. Through Ericsson Media First TV platform, operators can provide large scale quality video service for billions of devices. Based on open and standard method, “Ericsson Media First” TV platform is independent of cloud, being able to provide video service through both public cloud and OpenStack private cloud. The platform features central back stage support, which can realize a fast publication cycle, provide operators with seamless deployment ability, and bring creative watching experiences to customers. Its main features include the following:

Truly realize “TV is everywhere”: “Ericsson Media First” TV platform takes full advantages of conventional paid TV and OTT contents, guaranteeing consistent customers’ experiences from navigation to contents acquisition, and from mobile screen to TV. It can give you a seamless and multi-screen watching experience.

Personalized experience: A user can create his/her own account, or share an account with his/her family members. Depending on the user’s watching history, hot contents, and other data, customized recommendations and contents can be accepted. Through personal device recognition, a TV can identify the device of the watcher and dynamically customize watching experience for the customer.

Easy finding and easy use: Through central searching and integration of various contents, the watchers could easily find the contents they are interested in from live broadcast, on-demand video, time shift, and OTT contents. Intuitive customer operations and voice commands create fast and smooth browsing experiences for customers, allowing them to watch more with less scrolling.

Agile operator portal: Services and customer experiences are configured through a single operator portal, which simplifies previously complicated and incoherent operations for paid TV service providers. Technical support is provided by a common back stage to the operators. Thus, video can be created quickly and the time to market can be reduced. This allows seamless development and deployment of new services.

The prudent analysis at the operator portal provides some real-time customer insight which could improve income, such as promotion activity effect, degree of customers’ participation, etc. From improving content service according to users’ behavior to using dynamic pricing model to maximize transaction income, all of these functions can significantly reduce operational cost and increase cost-effectiveness for paid TV providers.

II. Internet based signal return, distribution, and publication solution


The Makito X public network transmission encoder / decoder from Haivision and the SRT public network transmission technology are used to realize the stable and low-latency transmission of signals at the “first mile” and “last mile” in the public network environment. Signal transmission and distribution can be fully achieved with AliCloud or Amazon Cloud or Media Gateaway media gateways deployed on them.

At the same time, Cogent portable transmitter T-340 or T-30 returns the signals to the receiving end deployed on AliCloud or Amazon Could through 3G/4G network as an alternative to “first mile” transmission solution. We will focus on the cloud-based deployment of Media Gateway and Cogent 3G/4G news return and receiving devices on the Amazon Could or AliCloud.

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