Multi-Service Transmission and User-Definable Network


The Nimbra series platform produced by Swedish Net Insight Factory is a multi-media transmission solution with high cost performance ratio and high extensibility. It has been adopted by a large number of TV stations, broadcasting and TV centers, and telecom operators around the world. Its convenient and flexible application mode and super high stability of telecom grade have won good reputation among the customers.

Nimbra platform can be constructed on different basic network easily, such as SDH network, MPLS network, and bare optic fiber network. The platform is able to bridge different basic networks at the same time. With various interfaces, especially the common service interfaces for broadcasting, TV, and telecom industries such as ASI, SDI, HD-SDI, AES, IP and DS3, Nimbra platform enables comprehensive and uniform platform transmission of multi services. The platform has the following features:

■ Provide functions such as service adaptation, multiplexing, switching, and network adaptation;

■ Service interfaces can be 3G/HD/SD-SDI, ASI and Ethernet;

■ Ethernet service supports the function of 2-layer network switching;

■ Bandwidth for ASI and Ethernet services can be distributed freely, and the minimum unit is 0.5Mbps;

■ ASI/SDI board ports can be set to input or output freely;

■ Both service board and SFP support hot swapping;

■ The interfaces of network trunk lines include: D3/E3, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, STM-64, GE, and 10GE;

■ Within the allowed bandwidth range, various services are multiplexed at the same trunk line interface;

■ Boards with different switching capabilities are available, with a maximum capacity of 160Gbps;

■ With the ability of signal shaping and re-clocking (calibration synchronization) for each hop of signal;

■ For the input and output signals at any port of any node on the network, blocking and dislocation will not occur during interaction.

■ Network switching function covers both unicast and multicast services;

■ Internal control mechanism enables automatic routing, which means the shortest path can be automatically sought;

■ The network self-healing function includes the 1+1 seamless shift of video and Ethernet services;

■ The network self-healing function includes automatic route shifting;

■ Different sizes of 19-inch standard rack-mounted devices are available;

■ All hosts support main and standby power supply inputs;

■ Network management system can monitor and manage the boards at component level;

■ All chassis can be managed by one network management server under the SNMP protocol;

■ The hosts with high capacity contain main and standby switching boards as well as main and standby node controllers;


The user-definable network functions allow operators to log into multi-service transmission platform through internet or dedicated network for reservation of programs and transmission links. The operators may also generate bills and make settlements in real time. Successful construction of customized networks can improve the utilization rate of network, increase the rent income of temporary services, enhance user experience, and reduce work load of network maintenance personnel.

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