End-to-End Signal Monitoring and Equipment Monitoring


End-to-end signal monitoring

■ The company provides complete system structure deployment, professional test indexes, perfect statement system, and with high density individual devices.

■ We are the only company that is able to provide complete end-to-end monitoring solutions for traditional TV, IPTV, and OTT hybrid network.

■ We have over 600 customers across the globe, including the major operators in different countries. The width and depth of our experiences in the field of video monitoring and quality assurance are beyond comparison.

■ We are the only company that is able to provide both passive and active OTT adaptive stream media monitoring solutions.

■ The company is the pioneer of video transmission index MDI (RFC4445). We provide customized indexes such as VeriStream for OTT adaptive streams, and such indexes have been accepted worldwide.

■ We provide the most complete video QoS and QoE monitoring indexes for individual products (DVA).

■ We have mature products, package solutions, and professional teams.

■ We are also a professional general network management service supplier, providing control, management, and monitoring for devices from different manufacturers.

■ We have 30 years of experiences in the field of video monitoring and have completed integration of 5000+ devices from over 500 vendors at home and abroad. We are the biggest general provider of network management solutions around the world with the largest number of cases.

■ Drivers have been integrated for all devices in the transmission center. No further development is required due to the out-of-box solution.

■ We also provide complete solutions for mobile phone APPs.

■ The user interface of the system is friendly and easy to operate. Localization into Chinese language is supported as well.


 Equipment Monitoring

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