Studio Background System


With the continuous development of display technology, big screen, as a very artistic expression of communication tool, enjoys increasingly rich applications in studios, not only adding the art effects to studio design, but also enriching the studio with more perfect functions, richer means of production, and more flexible forms of presentation.

The convergent media studio omnimedia presentation interactive system has integrated large-screen packaging, social media interaction, and real-time data as the soul of the studio background system, making it a new studio of the whole-media concept design.

Century Sage Scientific has many years of experience in studio background large-screen system integration. In the field of DLP, spliced LCD, and LED display systems, there are a large number of classic success stories. At present, more and more omnimedia interactive studios are applied to major television stations, and more and more information and materials need big screens for display. With increasing interactive contents and demands, the studio background system is not just a traditional large-screen display system. It also serves as a carrier that, based on the traditional media, integrates new media resources and creates an omnimedia content interactive presentation platform.

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