Convergent Media Studio Omnimedia Presentation Interactive System

The omnimedia fusion and command center project includes three major parts, i.e. news command coordination, omnimedia news fusion production, and omnimedia content library, and auxiliary business systems. Operations of the whole center are shown to the public through data fusion and visualized interactive functions.

For the display, scheduling, emergency command and decision-making at this stage, the following typical issues exist:

1. The screen with a resolution up to several tens of K is usually a simple overlapping of various signals.

2.  All picture components are collected images, and the resolution is not high.

3. The screen display contents are monotonous, and most parts are 2-dimensional graphics.

4. The large screen is full of professional data, and the desired contents may be flooded, which increases the difficulty for decision-making and scheduling.

5. Real-time display of contents required by the decision makers is not possible.

6. It's impossible to perform content interaction during the process of commanding and decision-making, visiting, training, and presentation depending on real-time needs, and the system fails to deeply impress the decision makers, staff ,or visitors, and it’s inconvenient for staff to use in many cases.


Three - dimensional real - time, data visualization, interactive hardware and software platform system

Rapid development of information technology, multimedia technology, and sensor technology is leading to increasingly diversified contents and more integrated contents in a scheduling monitoring center. More requirements are put forward, especially for the display content and display modes, including ultra-high resolution, three-dimensional data visualization, human and display content, interaction, linkage of devices and display content, etc.


Based on the display content of real-time image, various forms of human-computer interaction can be realized by adding detection devices. The presentation can be controlled  in real time by touch screen, Ipad, Iphone, or PC. Airscan technology can also be adopted, which uses gesture recognition to directly operate the required presentation on a large screen.

The brand new three dimensional and real-time data visualization interactive studio system developed based on real-time image, database links, and interactive devices makes full use of the large screen system. Customized design and perfect interactive experience allow customized presentation of key contents in the system, thus creating a deep impression for the lecturers, staff, and visitors.

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