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On May 14-15, the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was successfully held in China National Convention Center. This event was reported by a great number of domestic and foreign media. CSS Group, as a leading omnimedia solution provider in China, erected a full function international broadcasting center (IBC) at China National Convention Center for the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation to meet news coverage needs of both domestic and foreign TV media.

The Belt and Road initiative serves as an important policy of China in global strategic planning. This forum attracted great global attention and was participated by important leaders from many governments around the world. Thanks to its powerful technical strength in the field of convergence media, CSS Group was again appointed the general solution supplier for this important international event by Chinese government.

Our technical services involved establishment of various TV systems including TV signal general control room, single-side gathering points, news transmission room, public signal receiving and recording room, and media workplace. These functions were intended to meet needs from domestic and foreign TV media such as public signal receiving and recording, single-side gathering, and international transmission. In addition, cable TV systems and zonal screen systems for plane media were supported to allow access to public signals. The service team also completed video return transmission in multiple venues during the “1+6” high-level conference in the afternoon of May 14.

CSS technologies used for the Belt and Road


General Control Machine Room


[News center public signal general control system] including: 128-channel I/O signal double-backup and signal switching system, EVS public signal receiving & recording and document copying & transcoding system, satellite uplink transmission system, public signal receiving & recording system, and single-side point uploading system for both domestic and foreign media.


Single-side news gathering points

CSS provided both technical services and professional equipment support for the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. The CSS MIMO-Mesh ad hoc network system under the brand of Cogent was frequently used during the forum.


MIMO-Mesh ad hoc network system

[MIMO-Mesh ad hoc network system] The system, by combining COFDM, MIMO, and MANET technologies, allows formation of an ad hoc, self-healing, and IP-based wireless communication network with multiple nodes as well as multi-directional MP2MP transmission of video and audio signals. This system, highly consistent with the stringent news broadcasting standard adopted for this forum and characterized by high level of immunity and adaptability during video and data transmission, accomplished all news broadcasting tasks excellently.



[MobiCaster mobile phone broadcasting solution] This is a professional mobile phone broadcasting software developed with advanced Cogent video/audio encoding and wireless transmission techniques. It bundles 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks for mobile phones to ensure the best transmission effect. MobiCaste provides the most portable solution for live broadcasting of news images due to its compact structure and powerful functions.

CSS Team Serving the Belt and Road

In their efforts to provide top quality news images for audience on the opening day of the forum, the team members from CSS Group wireless communication division and engineering division managed to overcome various difficulties. The important time points included initial erection on May 1, on-site installation on May 6, opening of the news center on May 12, and opening of the forum on May 14. By being conscientious and devoted throughout Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, they successfully completed all news broadcasting tasks.

In the past decade after its foundation, CSS Group has provided technical services such as system integration and broadcasting for a number of important national and international events in many countries, including 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, celebrations for 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, China Victory Day Parade on September 3, 2015, 2016 G-20 Hangzhou summit, etc. We provided service and support for a series of high-standard national and international events backed by our great technical strength. Looking into the future, we will maintain our leading position in the industry and create more brilliant moments by continuously improving our technical capabilities and technical expertise.

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