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Technical Support and Guarantee

 The technical support provided by the company includes acquisition, production, broadcasting, and transmission of radio, TV, and new media programs. We also provide supporting system engineering design, construction, installation, debugging, training, maintenance, and maintenance for system hardware and software supporting equipment.

In addition, we’ve put forward the concept of "professional customization design" based on our many years' experience in the radio and television engineering field as well as the actual needs from customers to ensure that advanced integrated construction concepts related TV station general control, broadcast, and production can be brought to customers.

In order to provide customers with the best quality service and to best meet customer needs, the company has a set of complete management and tracking system in place covering each link from initial exploration, design, installation, commissioning to the final project acceptance, equipment transfer, and training.  All projects are controlled, reviewed, tracked, and addressed by specialists.

In view of the fast updates of system hardware and software and to make the best use of integrated devices, we communicate with the device manufacturers on a regular basis to keep abreast of the latest generation of product models and to urge manufacturers to upgrade hardware and software in a timely manner.

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