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Quality Inspection and Training

 Quality is the foundation of corporate development, and reflects the responsibilities taken by a company for customers. We’ve established a strict quality inspection system and a dedicated quality inspection department. All quality inspection work is done by specially-assigned personnel to prevent any defective product or equipment from being delivered to the site or to customers.

[Quality inspection guidelines]

● Remember the fact that quality is the key to success for our company and the most important factor for customers to choose us;

● Convey customer requirements and expectations accurately to the whole value chain of the company, and build a quality and safety system together;

● Balance opportunities and risks together with customers, respond to customer needs rapidly, and achieve sustainable development;

● Promise to provide customers with high quality products, services, and solutions, and make the customers feel our commitment to creating customer value all the time.

[Quality inspection methods]

● The corporate quality inspection work should be performed in strict accordance with national, industrial, or corporate standards and products features.

● The company has established a “three-level inspection system” including on-site inspection, mutual inspection with the company, and special inspection by manufacturer. All necessary devices, functions, and methods are in place to

perform comprehensive and responsible quality inspection on installed equipment.

● The inspection specialists in the company are responsible for tracking and verifying product quality inspection steps. The inspection specialists should confirm inspection results and avoid delivery of any failed or unexamined devices.

[Corporate training]

Corporate training forms: on-site lecture training, regular return visit training, remote online training, temporary training, etc.

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