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  • Position name
  • IT technical engineer

    Responsibility description:

    1. Junior college or higher degree with a major related to computer network or communication;

    2. With over two years of experience in IT technical support work;

    3. Be familiar with Linux and windows server environment and have practical experiences;

    4. Be familiar with server, switch, router, and storage and backup system. Be familiar with planning, configuration, and commissioning of network safety products;

    5. Be able to do work related to network technologies based on infrastructure and LAN. With experience in network safety service and support;

    6. With good communication skills and service awareness, devoted to work, careful, responsible, resistant to pressure, with team spirit;

    7. Experiences in broadcast & TV and media industries are preferred.

  • Cashier

    Post responsibilities:

    1. Be responsible for receiving, paying, and keeping cash and bills in daily operations and reimbursement of expenses;

    2. Transfer and check internal receivables and payables, confirm amounts received, and record cash transactions and bank logs in a timely manner;

    3. Sort and maintain cash. Produce, bind, and keep bank documents.

    4. Help accountants prepare daily and monthly documents and statements (monetary funds, individual loan details, tender bond details, bank reconciliation statement, etc.), and complete account settlement and tax declaration work at end of each month.


    Job qualifications:

    1. Junior college or higher degree with a major related to accounting or finance. With experience in cashier work for over a year, or excellent fresh graduate;

    2. With good communication ability, careful during work, with a good sense of responsibility;

    3. Familiarity with UFsoft, SAP software, and OA system is preferred;

    4. Holder of a junior technical title is preferred.

  • Engineering Assistant

    Post Responsibilities:

    1. Project coordination: Receive and sort information of various affairs related to projects, and coordinate such affairs between relevant departments according to instructions of supervisors and department work flows;

    2. Project information summary: Convene work meeting and produce meeting minutes based on project or department work conditions. Sort data and information related to project progress, construction, and relevant issues. Summarize information about cost estimate, expense estimate, arrival of certain goods, and repair. Verify accuracy and timeliness of goods arrival and

    acceptance information;

    3. Project material management: According to project management rules, sort, enter, file, and maintain documents such as project management archives, customer information, after service records, repair records, orders, and instructions, and ensure complete and accurate historical data;

    4. Daily management work: Convey corporate policies, rules, and various notices to department employees in a timely manner. Manage conference affairs, office supplies, and daily work to improve department efficiency;

    5. Complete other jobs assigned by department leaders.

    Job Requirements:

    1. Educational background: bachelor or higher degree, either with a liberal art or science background;

    2. Experiences required: over two years of working experience, familiar with use of office software including Office, participation in follow-up project preferred;

    3. Others: English level cet-4 or higher, or with proficient written English communication ability, outgoing, diligent, with team spirit.

  • Key Account Sales

    Job Qualifications:

    1. Educational background: bachelor degree in relevant major such as communication engineering, broadcast & TV engineering, electronic information engineering, and marketing;

    2. Work experience: with experience in broadcast & TV, communication, and system integration industries for over a year, or excellent fresh graduate;

    3. Knowledge / skills: Familiarity with broadcast & TV industry or relevant products is preferred;

    4. Language requirements: CET-4 or higher, with certain listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills;

    5. Quality requirements: with a good sense of responsibility, enterprising spirit, good communication ability, persuasive skills, and learning and innovation capabilities, rational, diligent, be able to relieve pressure through constructive work

    6. Be interested in sales of system integration products including those for broadcast & TV industry, audio & video live broadcast and rebroadcast system equipment general control transmission system, and studio.

    Post Responsibilities:

    1. Be responsible for maintaining relation with VIP customers in Beijing such as CCTV;

    2. Be responsible for development and expansion of new customers within corresponding area;

    3. Be responsible for collecting project information within corresponding area;

    4. Complete a series of tasks including simple pre-sales technical support, project operation, bidding, and project implementation.

  • Sales Manager

    Job Description:

    Be responsible for sales management of NDS smart cards.

    Job Qualifications:

    1. Junior college or higher degree, with over three years of sales experience;

    2. Experiences in consumer electronics such as set-top box and TV are preferred;

    3. Experiences in sales in large malls such as Gome and Suning are preferred;

    4. Strong language skills and interpersonal skills

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